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Aerospace Wires and Cables - Methods of Testing

This standard is issued in loose leaf form to permit the insertion or removal of new or revised sections and test methods. All users of this standard should keep it up-to-date by inserting the revised or new sections and test methods as issued and by removing the superseded pages. New and revised sections will be issued with a revised title page showing the latest revision date and with a revised index Section 3). In Section 3, the most closely corresponding FED, TEST METHOD STD NO. 228 Method number and the most closely corresponding ASTM Test Procedure is given for reference purposes. No implication of agreement with those test methods or procedures is intended. This standard gives the general physical, electrical, and chemical methods for testing wires and cables for conformance to the requirements of their controlling detail specifications and other related documents. This standard also includes methods (Group 5000) for comparative evaluation testing of wires and cables.