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Coiled Tubing Assemblies for Heavy Duty Air Brake Applications

This SAE Standard establishes the minimum performance and endurance requirements for coiled air brake tubing assemblies used for hookup between tractors, trailers and converter dollies. The Standards SAE J844 and SAE J246 along with J1131 must be consulted to determine the complete performance and endurance requirements of individual components of the system. Related TMC Recommended Practices may be consulted for information associated with selection, installation and inspection of these assemblies. This document is intended to set out requirements for the majority of conditions rather than for specialized applications or environments.

Performance Requirements for Nonmetallic Air Brake System Tubing

This SAE Standard covers the minimum requirements for nonmetallic tubing as manufactured for use in air brake systems which tubing is different from that described in SAE J844. It is not intended to cover tubing for any portion of the system which operates continuously below - 40 degrees C or above +93 degrees C, above a maximum working gage pressure of 1.0 MPa, or in an area subject to attack by battery acid. This tubing is intended for use in the brake system for connections, which maintain a basically fixed relationship between components during vehicle operation. Coiled tube assemblies required for those installations where flexing occurs are covered by this document, SAE J1131 and SAE J2494-3, to the extent of setting minimum requirements on the essentially straight tube and tube fitting connections which are used in the construction of such assemblies.

Refrigeration Tube Fittings - General Specifications *HS-150/2000*

This SAE Standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for refrigeration tube fittings of the flare type specified in Figures 1 to 42 and Tables 1 to 15. These fittings are intended for general use with flared annealed copper tubing in refrigeration applications. Dimensions of single and double 45 degree flares on tubing to be used in conjunction with these fittings are given in Figure 2 and Table 1 of SAE J533. The following general specifications supplement the dimensional data contained in Tables 1 to 15 with respect to all unspecified details.

Automotive Tube Fittings

This SAE Standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for the various types of tube fittings intended for general application in the automotive, appliance, and allied fields. See SAE J1131 for the performance requirements of reusable (push to connect) fittings intended for use in automotive air brake systems.