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Technical Paper

A Vehicle Mass Transit System for Greatly Improved Mobility Using the Existing Infrastructure

This paper presents a mass transit concept based around our current road infrastructure. It discusses the design features and configuration necessary to satisfy the demands of our modem society. The systems costs, features, and capacity are discussed and presented relative to the Los Angeles, California area. The benefits to our society are clearly pointed out.
Technical Paper

A Technical Solution for Future Transportation Using the Existing Roadway and Urban/Suburban Infrastructure and Policies

THE PROBLEM - Due to our modern technologies and societal desires, we have created a comfortable low density lifestyle that is the envy of the world. However, the population has increased to a point where certain areas such as the major cities in the US and the world are congested with private vehicles moving from low density living areas to high density working areas using an enormous amount of ever more scarce fuel and polluting the atmosphere. People in these places loose valuable productive time in their lives. The commuting time has increased from minutes to hours. The solution used to solve congestion and poor societal conditions in the past was to use Cost Effective Mass Transportation.
Technical Paper

A Mass Transit System for Cars to Increase Freeway Use

A lack of political and financial support has caused current (1988) freeways in parts of the US (1988) to operate at full or over capacity. Construction can no longer keep up with increasing demand. New concepts are required to use the existing freeway system more effectively while retaining the desirable features of the automobile. The proposed system is one possible solution which can be privately financed and make significant improvement in freeway use.