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Journal Article

Modeling of Fastener Kitting Logistics for Boeing Wide Body Airplanes

At Boeing’s commercial aircraft production in Everett Washington, the organization that supplies parts to the factory floor (known internally as Company 625) is revising their methods. A new process will deliver parts in kits that correspond to the installation plans used by the mechanics. Several alternative methods are under review. The authors used simulation methods to evaluate and compare these alternatives. This study focuses on the category of parts known as standard fasteners (‘standards’). Through direct observation, interviews with experts, as well as time and motion study, the process flow of the kitting operation was mapped A simulation model was created using the simulation software ARENA to examine two scenarios: the current kitting operation in the factory cribs and the proposed centralization of kitting operation in the Company 625.
Technical Paper

Modeling of Commercial Airplanes Service Request Process Flows

The repairing of commercial aircraft is a complex task. Service engineers at Boeing's Commercial Aviation Services group specialize in providing crucial repair information and technical support for its many customers. This paper details factors that influence Boeing's response time to service requests and how to improve it. Information pertaining to over 5000 service requests from 2008 and 2009 was collected. From analysis of this data set, important findings were discovered. One major finding is that between 6 and 8 percent of service requests are late because time/date stamps used in reports were created in a different time zone.