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Technical Paper

Chrysler 8.0-Liter V-10 Engine

Chrysler Corporation has developed an 8.0-liter engine for light truck applications. Numerous features combine to produce the highest power and torque ratings of any gasoline-fueled light truck engine currently available while also providing commensurate durability. These features include: a deep-skirt ten-cylinder 90° “V” block, a Helmholtz resonator intake manifold that enhances both low and mid-range torque, light die cast all-aluminum pistons for low vibration, a unique firing order for smooth operation, a “Y” block configuration for strength and durability, a heavy duty truck-type thermostat to control warm up, and a direct ignition system.
Technical Paper

Microporous Membrane Nutrient Delivery Systems for Sweetpotato in Microgravity

Long-term manned space missions will require life support processes including food production. Porous plate and tube membrane systems have been identified to have potential for crop production in a microgravity environment. Of several systems tested, a stainless steel plate membrane system with a porous medium underneath has proven to be superior in terms of the uniformity of nutrient solution distribution. Several trials with sweetpotatoes, showed successful plant growth, with reduced foliage and storage root yield as compared to the nutrient film technique (NFT). These results can be attributed to reduced nutrient solution availability compared to NFT. It is expected that design improvements can increase sweetpotato yield..