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Technical Paper

Finite Element Prediction of Backlite Molding Squeak Noise

The backlite molding squeak noise is caused by the stick-slip type of friction between the window molding and the body panel. To predict if the molding would squeak a finite element analysis technique which uses the nonlinear explicit code LS-DYNA3D has been developed. The three dimensional finite element simulation technique is based on the threshold displacement velocity spectrum and the relative movement of the window glass with respect to the body panel. Comparisons between FEA analysis and tests are also presented in this paper.
Technical Paper

Finite Element Analysis of Low-Density High-Hysteresis Foam Materials and the Application in the Automotive Industry

A new foam material model has been developed incorporating both theoretical formulation for low-density high-hysteresis foam and test data. Detailed formulation is presented. The finite element analysis of the resilient bumper and the IP head impact are also discussed. A good correlation is concluded by comparing the results from the tests and the FEA simulations.