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Technical Paper

Propulsion Systems with Air Precooling for Aerospaceplane

Using LH2 heat sink capacity for air precooling in turbojets allows to increase specific impulse and in many cases to reduce specific mass (mass-to-sea level thrust ratio). A number of precooled turbojet schemes are considered. Classification of turbojet according to the cooled air amount and depth of cooling is proposed. ATR with extended precooling (Tout=100K) is examined in more detail. For propulsion systems including different types of engines, running simultaneously the concept of LH2 heat sink capacity concentration for turbojet air precooling is proposed.
Technical Paper

Aerospace Plane Hydrogen Scramjet Boosting

The results of computational investigations carried out to clarify the possibilities of hydrogen scramjet thrust uprating in hypersonic flight (M >8) by adding to the fuel substances with higher density are presented. Thrust, specific impulse and density impulse are calculated while adding nitrogen, oxygen, water or inert liquated gases. Fuel is injected tangentially to air flow into combustion chamber with high velocity through gas generator nozzles. For scramjet boosting in hypersonic flight it is suggested to add oxygen to stoichiometric part of hydrogen instead of excessive part of hydrogen.