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Energy Harvesting/Regeneration for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2015-2025

The electric vehicle industry - land, water and air - is rapidly rising to become a market of over $533 billion by 2025. Some run entirely on harvested energy as with solar lake boats. Others recycle energy as with regenerative braking of cars, buses and military vehicles harvesting kinetic energy. Others use different forms of harvesting either to charge the traction batteries, or to drive autonomous device. In some cases, harvesting is making completely new forms of electric vehicle possible such as "glider" Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that can stay at sea for years, gaining electricity from both wave power and sunshine. Multiple forms of energy harvesting on one vehicle are becoming more common from cars to superyachts.

Specification of The Transmitted Loran-C Signal

The Loran-C Radionavigation System, managed by the U.S. Coast Guard, is the federally provided radionavigation system for civil marine use in the U.S. coastal waters. It is also designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a supplementary system in the National Airspace System (NAS). This system provides accurate radionavigation and timing services to users in the United States of America and Canada. Loran-C is also being used and developed by several other countries in Europe and Asia. Estimates of Loran-C system accuracy must take into consideration the transmitted signal, signal propagation, signal reception, interference or errors from outside sources such as natural and man-made electromagnetic noise, skywave contamination, geometric dilution of precision, other Loran-C signals, communication information superimposed on the navigation signal, and coordinate conversion.

Fluid Couplings for Spacecraft Servicing, Preparation of Specification for, Metric

This SAE Metric Aerospace Recommended Practice (MAP) establishes the requirements for preparing a specification for fluid couplings for spacecraft servicing. The objective of this document is to provide design, development, verification, storage, and delivery requirement guidelines for the preparation of specifications for fluid couplings and the ancillary hardware for use with serviceable spacecraft designed for use in the space environment. The couplings shall be capable of resupplying storable propellants, cryogenic liquids, and gases to a variety of spacecrafts.

Recent Developments in Aerospace Automated Fastening/Assembly & Tooling 2010

This technical paper collection contains 14 papers focusing on automated robotic drill and fastening systems; automation and automated fastening technologies; large component assembly sub-assembly, major section and final assembly; enhanced fasteners; assembly methodologies and advanced assembly fixtures and tooling; and composite assembly and fastening.

Human Factors in Driving, Telematics and Seating Comfort, 2005

The 21 papers in this technical paper collection cover driver crash avoidance behavior; factors that influence drivers’ response choice decisions; collision avoidance systems; steering wheel switch technology; effects of hands-free phone conversation on visual behavior; seat support evaluation; and more.

AeroTech - Avionics, 2011

This collection features 31 technical papers covering the latest developments in aircraft networks, case studies, technologies, applications of avionics system in harsh environments, advanced screen technologies, as well as the application of COTS electronic components and boards, design tools and test equipment in avionic systems. This collection features 32 technical papers covering the latest developments in aircraft networks, case studies, technologies, applications of avionics system in harsh environments, advanced screen technologies, as well as the application of COTS electronic components and boards, design tools and test equipment in avionic systems.

Avionics, AeroTech 2015

This collection of technical papers covers advanced system architectures and IMA; airborne electronics hardware certification and DO-254; aircraft networks; model-based avionics sytem, software & electronic engineering; defense and space avionics; display technology and visualization; flight management systems, navigation & guidance; cabin systems, in-flight entertainment and connectivity; system testing, integration and simulation; software platforms & middleware; avionics component management challenges: supply chain, obsolescence, reliability, counterfeit; and DO-178C and highly complex SoC.
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Aircraft Instruments and Displays

The Aircraft Instruments and Displays subscription provides guidelines for the improved monitoring of aircraft systems. This information addresses hardware requirements, such as electrical, mechanical, optical, and environmental. Topics covered include: Design Criteria for White Incandescent Lighted Instruments Cockpit Light Assemblies Minimum Performance Standards for Anticollision Light Systems Altitude Altering Devices and Systems Flight Deck Visual, Audible, and Tactile Signals Design Methodology for Integrated Display Symbology
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Alternative Fuels

This annual subscription delivers a comprehensive collection of more than 3,600 SAE technical papers, 60 standards, and 8 e-books covering a range of alternative fuels, including compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells, and biodiesel. Content is updated regularly, so you’ll always have access to the latest research and thinking on this critical topic.
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Wiley Aerospace Collection

Purchasable as an annual subscription and containing 30 eBook titles, the Wiley Aerospace Collection covers valuable engineering subject matter, such as aircraft fuel systems, aerodynamics, and propulsion. The series also goes beyond engineering, including eBooks on planning, logistical issues, and how human behavior can be managed and controlled while operating aircraft.
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Wiley SAE MOBILUS® eBook Package

Committed to being the primary source for aerospace and ground vehicle engineering resources, SAE International has added the full compilation of our Wiley eBook collections to the SAE MOBILUS® technical resource platform. Purchasable as an annual subscription and containing the titles from the Wiley Aerospace Collection, the Wiley Automotive Collection, the Wiley Computer Systems Collection, and the Wiley Cyber Security Collection.