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Driver Vehicle Interface (DVI) Message Priority and Presentation

This SAE Recommended Practice applies to both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket message-generating systems for light and heavy vehicles. The recommended practice covers both message prioritization and presentation (including simultaneous display of messages) for visual and auditory modalities. In addition, this recommended practice will consider temporal aspects of external events (e.g. merging into heavy traffic, time-to-collision) and their impact on temporal presentation and format (including multi-modal) of messages.

Fuel Cell Systems Explained, Second Edition

Fuel cell technology is developing at a rapid pace, thanks to the increasing awareness of the need for pollution-free power sources. Moreover, new developments in catalysts and improved reliability have made fuel cells viable candidates in a road range of applications, from small power stations, to cars, to laptop computers and mobile phones. Building on the success of the first edition, Fuel Cell Systems Explained presents a balanced introduction to this growing area. "In summary, an altogether satisfying book that puts within its covers the academic tools necessary for explaining fuel cell systems on a multidisciplinary basis." - Power Engineering Journal "An excellent book...well written and produced."- Journal of Power and Energy