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Insight: Simulation Tools for Engine Design (DVD)

In "Simulation Tools for Engine Design" engineers from Ricardo Software discuss the use of simulation software in new powertrain development. Another engineer, this time from General Motors, talks about how simulation tools helped them solve the challenge of fuel flow reversion while designing the new turbocharged Cadillac V6 engine. This episode highlights: • The challenge of simulating complex and combined systems in one vehicle • An example of how a library of components in a software package can be chosen to form a specific system and analyzed • How computational fluid dynamics simulation tools were used to help redesign a new planum

Hole Placement on Dozer End Bits

It is the purpose of the SAE Recommended Practice to define the minimum requirements for hole placement on Dozer End Bit supports. The recommended practice applies to straight blade, angling blade, U blade, and semi-U blades used on earthmoving tractors per SAE J1057a up to a maximum weight of 100,000 lb (45,000 kg).

Engine Preheaters

This SAE Standard describes electric immersion engine preheaters for use in the coolant jacket of heavy-duty and intermediate size diesel engines. This document gives the dimensional information on the four basic styles of engine preheaters. The tables for each style will list the wattage commonly used. Small engines that typically require less than 600 W of preheat for cold weather starting are not covered by this document. These types of engines generally have very little space available to accommodate an immersion heater of the styles presented in this document. No related ISO standards were found.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2001-04-01

Operator station innovations Off-highway engineers work hard to provide comfort, ease of operation, and reliability to users. As an added challenge, they must design for operators who can spend an entire day working hard in their cab. Designing online Major developments in internet-based technologies are profoundly changing the engineering/design process, revolutionizing the way OEMs and suppliers do business, and speeding the industry's time-to-market. FEA simulation of an electrohydraulic system Researchers from the Milwaukee School of Engineering provide an accurate model of a typical magentic actuator Predicting injury in forklift upsets Researchers from the Biomechanics Institute present test results that demonstrate operators can prevent ejection and injury from a forklift if they are lap-belted and have either a winged seat or hip restraint.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2007-12-01

Economies of (drivetrain) scale Emissions challenges continue, but engine and transmission technology is advancing solutions and improving vehicle systems intergration. Searching for real-world responses Prototype testing is constantly changing as electronic technologies help transform equipment; design processes adjust as digital development evolves. Hydraulic brakes on one hand, air brakes on the other Building a better brake system had continued to challenge engineers for more than a century, as a changing world has demanded correspondingly advanced brake technology. Top technologies of 2007 A look back at some of the most significant technological innovations during the past year.
White Paper

Innovative Assembly Systems for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is facing new challenges to meet burgeoning customer demand. An unprecedented number of orders for commercial aircraft is forcing aerospace manufacturing to make gains in efficiency throughout aircraft production and operation. However, current manufacturing systems are using technologies and production methods unsuited to a future dynamic market. To ensure its profitability, the aerospace industry must seize the opportunity to innovate and readdress approaches to manufacturing. This whitepaper looks at four advanced manufacturing (AM) solutions designed to improve assembly process efficiency, automation, and accuracy.

Vehicle Aerodynamics, 2013

The 25 papers in this technical paper collection cover aerodynamics development, fuel economy, unsteady aerodynamics, cooling airflow, fundamental aerodynamics, and test facilities.

Software Design Engineering and Development, 2015

This technical paper collection concentrates on the development and implementation of embedded software architectures that reside in production vehicle electronic modules. Topics include implementation on multi-core processors, parallel computing environments, multi-processor and multi-ECU systems, and the deployment of AUTOSAR. Expert speakers from the embedded software community are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions.