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KC-46A tanker completes its first flight

Boeing test pilots performed operational checks on engines, flight controls, and environmental systems of the new tanker being developed to replace the USAF's fleet of KC-135 Stratotankers.

TRB turns composites focus to aerospace sector

TRB Lightweight Structures recently released an aerospace-grade lightweight honeycomb composite panel designed for interior applications, expanding the application areas for its range of composite flat panels. Recent investments for manufacturing composites include the procurement of a new 3- x 1.5-m autoclave system.

Prius is re-engineered on Toyota New Global Architecture

The 2016 Prius is longer, lower, and wider, and special attention was paid to the gasoline portion of the car’s gasoline-electric drivetrain with a claimed 40% thermodynamic efficiency for the Atkinson cycle 2ZR-FXE 1.8-L I4 naturally aspirated gasoline engine, a number that rivals turbodiesels.

Renesas increases its focus on platforms

Electronics and software complexity is ratcheting up as autonomy, connectivity, and increased comfort and convenience features move forward. Renesas Electronics America is responding with a platforms approach aimed at simplifying systems development efforts.

Power struggle produces eSupercharger

Claimed to be the “world’s most power dense variable speed electric motor,” Aeristech's novel boosting device was designed to solve a major challenge facing downsized engines.

Evaluating new forestry machines in a fraction of the time

Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) has funded a KTH research initiative intended to help improve the suspension of forestry machines with the goal of achieving significant productivity improvements. KTH’s mission is to streamline the design process by validating the capability to simulate the operation of forestry machines under real-world operating conditions.

Engineering a 1000-mph car

That is the task of Mark Chapman, Chief Engineer of the U.K. supersonic Bloodhound Project and his team, now on course to attempt a new World Land Speed Record that at Mach 1.4 blends automotive and aerospace engineering technologies to achieve a spectacular target never before considered outside the realms of space fiction.

New SAE standard focuses on manufacturing management

A soon-to-be-published SAE International standard, AS6500, is designed to encourage suppliers and OEMs to put more focus on manufacturability during the early phases of a product’s life cycle. The objective: more reliable, affordable, and on-schedule weapon systems.

WSU team's transportable hydrogen fueling station wins design contest

The WSU team found an edge over the competing designs by employing liquid hydrogen (LH2) storage to maximize station capacity and reduce capital and operating costs. Delivering hydrogen in liquid form reduces the energy used for distribution, and 80-90% of small-merchant hydrogen is delivered via cryogenic liquid tanker truck.