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Technical Paper

Development of a New Hybrid Transmission for RWD Car

1 ABSTRACT The new L110 hybrid transmission was developed for use in front-engine, rear wheel drive (FR) vehicles with 3.5-liter engines. The project goals were to develop a compact, slim structure that could be installed on a platform with an FR layout, and to provide the power performance, high-speed performance, and quietness of a luxury car while maintaining the fuel economy performance of a hybrid. To accomplish this, a new gear train, motor, and other components were developed. The newly developed hybrid transmission also uses coordinated control between the shift mechanism and the motor to achieve acceleration performance without causing the driver to feel any shock from an abrupt change of speed. This paper describes the main structural elements of the transmission and various aspects of its performance.
Technical Paper

Hybrid Transmission Development for AWD Luxury Cars

A new hybrid transmission has been developed for all-wheel-drive (AWD) cars, and is used in the new Lexus LS600h and LS600hL for its first application. It has a compact layout consisting of a power-split device, generator, high-output electric motor, and a two-stage speed reduction device. Combined with a 5-liter V-8 engine, it achieves power performance rivaling 6-liter engine vehicles, the fuel efficiency of a medium-class vehicle, and outstanding quietness. This paper describes the structure, performance, and shift control technology of this hybrid transmission.