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Technical Paper

Cassette Delivery System for Automated Fastening Cells

A cassette based fastener feeding system has been developped to support the evolving quality requirements of automated rivet installation machines. The fasteners are properly oriented and contained within a tube enclosed within the cassette. The system provides a substantial increase in installed fastener quality, reduces machine down time, and makes autonomation practical.
Technical Paper

The Modular Cassette Fastener and Delivery System

Increased attention is being paid to the quality, consistency and cost of aircraft panel fastening operations. The advent of automated fastening has made it possible to achieve substantially greater productivity and quality, however it has also made more evident than ever that inadvertently mixed or otherwise deficient fasteners exact a cost and quality toll that can no longer be accepted. AHG has developed a fastener on line storage, delivery and inspection system that can substantially alleviate these problems. The AHG Modular Cassette Fastener and Delivery System and its associated Inspection and Reloading System permit the end user to inspect, sort, orient, refill and code the Modular Cassettes in a single operation. The inspection process is performed automatically by a combination of sensors, video cameras and software, all of which are under the control of a PC.