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Technical Paper

One-Sided Installation of Structural Fasteners

The assembly of aircraft structure using fasteners can be very difficult and expensive. Some of the most difficult assembly areas occur in compact structures, such as struts (pylons), or major body and wing joints. These difficult access areas drive up assembly costs and reduce velocity through the production line. Design engineers have traditionally compensated by designing access holes with associated doublers to provide access for assembly. Another option is to over-design the joint by utilizing abnormally large quantities of current market blind bolts to compensate for lack of performance. To address the problem, a new concept in fasteners, called the One Sided Installation (OSI®) bolt, has been developed in a joint endeavor between Boeing Commercial Airplane Group-Wichita Division and Monogram Aerospace Fasteners of Los Angeles, California. This bolt utilizes new design features to obtain excellent structural joint fatigue performance.