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Technical Paper

Evaluation of Combustion Behavior and Pollutants Emission of Advanced Fuel Formulations by Single Cylinder Engine Experiments

According to the results of several studies concerning the influence of fuel formulation on exhaust emissions from diesel engines, a new matrix of twelve fuels was tested in a single cylinder DI diesel engine of conventional technology. The matrix was designed by the partners of the FLOLEV research project, partly founded by the E.U., in the framework JOULE III program. The aim of the project is to study the influence on pollutants emission reduction of modern refining process and fuel additivation with some alternative fuels and cetane improvers. The fuel matrix is structured into three sub-matrices. The first sub-matrix is constituted by six fuels which represent different products obtainable with the modern refinery technology. The second and third sub-matrices were designed to test the influence of cetane improver additives and high-oxygenated fuels respectively.