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Technical Paper

A Study of Performance Development and Optimization of 6106 Diesel Engine

Working process of diesel engine refers to airflow, turbocharger, fuel injection, combustion, heat transfer and chemical reaction powers etc. Hence, it influences power output, fuel consumption, combustion noise and emissions, moreover directly influences reliability and durability of diesel engine. The working process of 6106 diesel engine is simulated by large universal internal combustion engine working process numerical simulation software GT-Power in this paper, and the effects of compression ratio, fuel supply advance angle and valve timing system on performance of diesel engine are analyzed. When valve-timing system is studied, the influence of intake valve close timing, exhaust valve open timing and valve overlap angle on performance are analyzed. On different operating conditions, the different timing of intake close and exhaust open, valve overlap were computed and analyzed. Finally, at different engine conditions, various optimum results were obtained.
Technical Paper

The Research of Supercooled Boiling in Bridge Zone of Cylinder Head

Due to the latent heat of vaporization, the efficiency of boiling heat transfer is several times and even dozens of times higher than that of the convection heat transfer. With the improvement of power density of the engine, there are more requirements for engine cooling system design. It has been confirmed that the subcooled boiling did exist in the engine cooling. If boiling heat transfer can be reasonablely used, we can achieve the objective of enhancing heat transfer without changing the existing structure. In this paper, in order to quantitatively research the subcooled boiling in the engine, we simulated the subcooled boiling in the analog channel with the Euler multiphase model, found the importance of the turbulent dispersion. In additon, we explored the applicability of existing models to subcooled boiling, and compared the results with the experiment.