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Technical Paper

Advanced Gasoline Engine Management Platform for Euro IV & CHN IV Emission Regulation

The increasingly stringent requirements in relation to emission reduction and onboard diagnostics are pushing the Chinese automotive industry toward more innovative solutions and a rapid increase in electronic control performance. To manage the system complexity the architecture will require being well structure on hardware and software level. The paper introduces GEMS-K1 (Gasoline Engine Management System - Kit 1). GEMS-K1 is a platform being compliant with Euro IV emission regulation for gasoline engines. The application software is developed using modeling language, the code is automatically generated from the model. The driver software has a well defined structure including microcontroller abstraction layer and ECU abstraction layer. The hardware is following design rules to be robust, 100% testable and easy to manufacture. The electronic components use the latest innovation in terms of architecture and technologies.
Technical Paper

Simulation Analysis and Optimization of Vehicle Transient Response Characteristics under Steering Angle Input

The transient response characteristics of a vehicle under steering angle input are important evaluating indicators of vehicle handling stability. For a new developed vehicle, which was found that the transient response under steering angle input is too slow at high speed, a rigid-flexible coupling vehicle model is established in ADAMS/Car based on multi-body dynamics theory. Improvement measures are studied and put forward to improve the transient response characteristics of the vehicle. The sensitivities of transient response to various parameters are analyzed. The optimization method of adjusting the tire cornering stiffness and moving forward the mass center is adopted. The test data after improvement show that the response time of yaw velocity is shortened obviously. Meanwhile, the value of evaluation index in other tests remains basically unchanged.
Journal Article

Research on Intelligent Layout of Door Hinge Based on CATIA CAA

As one of the most important auto-body moving parts, door hinge is the key point of door design and its accessories arrangement, also the premise of the door kinematic analysis. We proposed an effective layout procedure for door hinge and developed an intelligent system on CATIA CAA platform to execute it. One toolbar and five function modules are constructed - Axis Arrangement, Section, Parting Line, Kinematic, Hinge Database. This system integrated geometrical algorithms, automatically calculate the minimum clearances between doors, fender and hinges on sections to judge if the layout is feasible. As the sizes of the clearances are set to 0s, the feasible layout regions and extreme start/end points are shown in parts window, which help the engineer to check the parting line and design a new one. Our system successfully implemented the functions of five modules for the layout of door hinge axis and parting line based on a door hinge database.