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Journal Article

Systems to Silicon: A Complete System Approach to Power Semiconductor Selection for Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

A complete system approach to power semiconductor analysis and selection is set forth in this paper. In order to address design overkill, a suitable power profile across the desired drive schedule is obtained through vehicle simulation in lieu of worse case operating conditions. The representative profile is then applied to detailed models of the inverter, power device, and power device thermal stack-up in order to predict worse case, silicon junction temperature rise. The simulation stream includes a closed silicon thermal loop that leads to more accurate power loss and junction temperature calculations. The models are combined and exercised in a single platform for ease of integration and fast simulation. Herein, the methods will be applied to a working example of an inverter for motor drives, and analytical results will be reviewed.

Occupant and Vehicle Responses in Rollovers

During the past decade, there has been a steady increase in studies addressing rollover crashes and injuries. Though rollovers are not the most frequent crash type, they are significant with respect to serious injury and interest in rollovers has grown with the introduction of SUVs, vans, and light trucks. A review of Occupant and Vehicle Responses in Rollovers examines relevant conditions for field roll overs, vehicle responses, and occupant kinetics in the vehicle. This book edited by Dr. David C. Viano and Dr. Chantal S. Parenteau includes 62 technical documents covering 15 years of rollover crash safety, including field crash statistics, pre- and rollover dynamics, test procedures and dummy responses.