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Technical Paper

Sideways Collar Anvil For Use on A340-600

A new method of installing LGP collars onto titanium lock bolts has been brought into production in the Airbus wing manufacturing facility in Broughton, Wales. The feed system involves transporting the collar down a rectangular cross-sectioned hose, through a rectangular pathway in the machine clamp anvil to the swage die without the use of fingers or grippers. This method allows the reliable feeding the collars without needing to adjust the position of feed fingers or grippers relative to the tool centerline. Also, more than one fastener diameter can be fed through one anvil geometry, requiring only a die change to switch between certain fastener diameters. In our application, offset and straight stringer geometries are accommodated by the same anvil.
Technical Paper

Horizontal Rivet Injector Design Used on A320 Upper Panel

This paper will cover the design of the horizontal rivet injector use on the SA2 LVER designated for stage 0 production of Airbus A320 Upper Wing Panels. The injector design is intended to decrease cycle times and increase reliability while not reducing the functionality over previous rivet feed designs used by Electroimpact. Specific rivet handling methods and design features will be reviewed and their result on cycle time and reliability discussed.
Technical Paper

Developments in Fastener Coldworking in Next Generation Automated Production Units

The incorporation of split mandrel coldworking into a single- station, automated wing assembly machine advances the technical quality of automated production. Coldworking innovations, including the CMX process and new puller unit development, combined with new clamp-up technology, have eliminated the need for manual dissasembly and deburring, both costly and time consuming procedures. These advances in automation are illustrated in the development of a next-generation automated unit created for wing production of the Airbus A340-600 wide-body program. This paper describes the implementation of new fastener and coldworking technology that led to the development of this automated manufacturing system.