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Technical Paper

The Development and Experiment of the Variable Rack Stroke (VRS) System

The turning radius is designed with considering sufficient gap between front tires including snow chains and front parts around wheels (e.g. side member, wheel guard, and suspension control arms). Therefore, when we don't use the snow chain needed only in winter season, there remains gap between tires and elements around front wheels. Since there is much available space between the front tire and other parts around wheel without the snow chains, we strived to increase the steering angle of the front wheels for the smaller turning radius of the vehicle. In this paper, with the idea, we strived to develop the VRS (Variable Rack Stroke) system which is invented by Hyundai Motor Company for the first time around world and is capable of varying the minimum tuning radius of the vehicle.
Technical Paper

The Development of Active Geometry Control Suspension (AGCS) System

This paper presents the development of the active geometry control suspension(AGCS) system as the world-first, unique and patented chassis technology, which has more advantages than the conventional active chassis control systems in terms of basic concept. The control approach of the conventional systems such as active suspensions(slow active, full active) and four wheel steering(4WS) system is directly to control the same direction with acting load to stabilize vehicle behavior resulting from external inputs, but AGCS controls the cause of vehicle behaviors occurring from vehicle and thus makes the system stable because it works as mechanical system after control action. The effect of AGCS is the remarkable enhancement of avoidance performance in abrupt lane change driving by controlling the rear bump toe geometry.