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Technical Paper

Development of Vehicle Underbody Acoustic Holography

Acoustic holography is adopted in identifying the noise sources of a vehicle's underbody. Wind noise from a vehicle's underbody accounts for a large portion of the overall noise level due to the complex flow structure. Current study presents the development process of acoustic holography in the vehicle underbody. Difficulties associated with using acoustic holography as well as the method to eliminate the effect of sound reflection will be addressed.
Technical Paper

Wind Noise Reduction of Vehicles Using Underbody Acoustic Holography

A vehicle's underbody has various wind noise sources due to the complex flow structure. Acoustic holography using NAH (Near-field Acoustic Holography) is adopted to identify the sources, and to analyze the characteristics of them such as positions, strengths, and contributions to interior sound. Reduction procedure of wind noise from a vehicle's underbody will be investigated.