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Technical Paper

Combustion Behavior Analysis in a Transparent Research Engine Equipped with a Common Rail Diesel Injection System

This paper describes a preliminary characterization of in-cylinder spray and combustion behavior from a high-pressure common rail injection system. The engine used in the tests was a single-cylinder optical research diesel engine, adequately developed in a full-fired version, equipped with a common rail injection system. An elongated piston allows for the optical access to the combustion chamber for diagnostic applications. Characteristic of the optical engine is the availability to investigate different combustion system designs due to an interchangeable head-cylinder group. The system configuration tested in the present work corresponds to a four-cylinder engine of 1930 cc of displacement that is representative in the class of light duty d.i. diesel engine. Spray and combustion evolutions were visualized through a high-speed CCD camera synchronized with a copper vapor laser acting as light source.