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Technical Paper

Hardware Evaluation of Heavy Truck Side and Rear Object Detection Systems

This paper focuses on two types of electronics-based object detection systems for heavy truck applications: those sensing the presence of objects to the rear of the vehicle, and those sensing the presence of objects on the right side of the vehicle. The rearward sensing systems are intended to aid drivers when backing their vehicles, typically at very low “crawl” speeds. Six rear object detection systems that were commercially available at the time that this study was initiated were evaluated. The right side looking systems are intended primarily as supplements to side view mirror systems and as an aid for detecting the presence of adjacent vehicles when making lane changes or merging maneuvers. Four side systems, two commercially available systems and two prototypes, were evaluated.
Technical Paper

A Simple CCD Based Lane Tracking System

A low cost system has been developed to measure a vehicle's lateral position relative to the lane markings on a roadway. The system is capable of tracking white or orange lines, solid or dashed edge lines, while operating in daylight or at night. The tracking system is comprised of two “off-the-shelf” black and white charge coupled device (CCD) video cameras along with commonly available electronic components. The lane tracking system is capable of outputting real time data at 30Hz through an analog output. Using the data from this sensor system it is possible to detect lane changes, determine the magnitude and duration of lane exceedances, and other metrics commonly used by researchers in the transportation community. This paper will discuss the design and performance of the system, processing of the raw lane tracker data, and the benefits and limitations of the technology.