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Technical Paper

CARTRONIC® Based Safety Analysis: Introducing Safety Aspects In Early Development Phases

This article gives an overview of the CARTRONIC® based safety analysis (CSA) including an approach for the automatic determination of failure dependencies in automotive systems. CSA is a safety analysis in an early stage of product development. The goals are to identify safety critical components as soon as practicable in the product development process and to automate the analysis as far as possible. This implies that the system view is abstract, i.e. independent of a certain realization just regarding system functionality. In the CSA so called global failure effects will be systematically identified and assessed regarding severity of potential injuries. Global failure effects are especially important because they reveal failures within the system to the outside world (see also definition 3.1). Additionally the CSA keeps track of failure dependencies and supports the integration of safety measures in the system structure.
Technical Paper

Integration of a Structuring Concept for Vehicle Control Systems into the Software Development Process using UML Modelling Methods

The demand for more security, economy, and comfort as well as for a reduced environmental impact increases the importance of electronic components for vehicles. The development of such systems is determined by the requirement of an improved functionality and co-requisite the demand for limited costs. In order to fulfil these demands and taking into consideration the increase of complexity and the melting together to a car wide web, Bosch is developing a structuring concept called CARTRONIC®. This concept is supposed to be open and neutral regarding automotive manufactures and suppliers. The analysis of vehicle control systems via this method is based on formal rules for structuring and modelling. The function-related aspect of CARTRONIC® was represented already at the SAE'98 World Congress. Furthermore the safety-related feature was introduced in more detail at the SAE'99 World Congress. The result of the analysis is an object structure of logical components with defined interfaces.