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Technical Paper

A New Object-Oriented Diagnostic System Management for Powertrain Control Units with OBD

This paper describes the concept of the Diagnostic System Management DSM which introduces an improved object-oriented software architecture in order to meet the high performance and reliability requirements of automotive On-Board Diagnostic Systems (OBD). DSM handles standard tasks and offers services to integrate diagnostic and control functions. This architecture enables the flexible composition of system-independent, reusable function implementations. Hence a distributed software development and software sharing are supported. The module DSM consists of a Fault Code Memory, an Inhibit Handler, a Validator and a Function Scheduler. Special care has been taken to achieve robustness against EMI effects. Bosch will use DSM in the future powertrain control systems.
Technical Paper

ERCOS: An Operating System for Automotive Applications

This paper describes the concept of the operating system ERCOS (Embedded Real-time Control Operating System). ERCOS has been specially designed to meet the functionality and performance requirements in the area of automotive applications. The ever increasing functional requirements for modern electronic control units are introducing considerable complexity in the area of software development. It is well known that real-time operating systems provide powerful means to handle complex functions under real-time constraints. Past experience, however, has shown that the efficiency and flexibility of operating systems was very often inadequate for automotive applications. To overcome these insufficiencies the operating system ERCOS has been designed with dedicated support for automotive requirements. This has been achieved by supplementing the run-time part of the operating system by powerful off-line tools.