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Technical Paper

Vibration Analysis of Series-parallel Hybrid Powertrain System under Typical Working Condition and Modes

Powertrain system of series-parallel hybrid vehicle contains multiple excitation sources like engine, motor and generator. The reduction of noise and vibration is quite difficult during multiplex working modes or the switch of modes. Aiming at Series-parallel hybrid powertrain system which contains engine, motor and planetary gear subsystems, this paper considered a typical working condition which is based on the power control strategy and established the torsional vibration mechanical model of hybrid powertrain system. The inherent characteristics and transient vibration response of the electric mode, hybrid mode and parking charging mode were studied and it was discovered that the repetitive frequency of the powertrain system under the three working modes is the same which is only related to inertia and meshing stiffness of planetary gear system. The non-repetitive frequency and corresponding vibration modes under the electric mode and parking charging mode are both close.