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Technical Paper

Flexible Assembly System

This paper describes the application of an automated machine tool system used in the assembly process of a military aircraft wing torque box, manufactured by The Boeing Company. Traditional approaches to the wing assembly production involve manual framing, drilling, and installation steps. This program first introduced an automated drilling system during the Engineering/Manufacturing Development phase of this project. In a continuous search to optimize the wing assembly process, Boeing decided to go beyond this level of automation. The idea was to introduce an automated system to drill, ream, countersink, inspect holes, seal prior to fastener insertion, and install various types of fasteners. This paper will examine and outline the production constraints that lead to the requirements of the automated system. System capabilities as they apply to the wing production requirements are presented. The current and proposed assembly techniques are described.
Technical Paper

Flexible Assembly System Implementation

This paper covers issues related to the installation, testing, and production implementation of a large-scale automated wing drilling/fastener installation system. Emphasis is placed on describing the production process, foundation requirements, axes alignment, calibration, testing and implementation. Description will include key hardware features such as the multi-function end effector and spindle end effector. The objective is to convey the complexity of implementing this system as well as reviewing the lessons learned from this experience.