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Technical Paper

F-15 Inlet Duct Automatic Fastening System

With ongoing efforts to reduce current aircraft program assembly costs, McDonnell Aircraft and Missiles Systems will be introducing a practical approach to F-15 inlet duct fastening. Using proven, off-the-shelf, automatic fastening technologies, the F-15 Inlet Duct Automatic Fastening System coincides with F-15 program affordability initiatives. When fully implemented, the system will accommodate ten center fuselage duct sections (five left & five right). Given the unique part geometries associated with fighter aircraft inlet ducts, machine configuration and the part positioning requirements warranted special attention. F-15 inlet ducts have been manually fastened for over 25 years, so basic build philosophies, planning, and engineering requirements needed to be changed.
Technical Paper

Ultralight Intercostal Automatic Fastening System

A high level directive is in place at the St. Louis facility to increase the use of automation in our assembly processes. Likewise, the C-17 program has implemented a series of cost reduction initiatives. In line with these initiatives we have been implementing automatic fastening equipment into a variety of non-traditional applications. The C-17 Cargo Door Intercostals can easily be described as “non-traditional” and represent unique challenges for automatic fastening. The concept for The Intercostal Riveter uses proven drill and riveting techniques. However, it has miniaturized components and will be utilized like a portable power tool. Manipulated by a single operator, it will be maneuvered around and throughout the C-17 Cargo Door Assembly Jig. It is ultra-lightweight and will have a C-Frame constructed from carbon-epoxy composite material.
Technical Paper

C-17 Cargo Ramp and Door Automated Drilling & Fastening System - Project Overview

To further reduce airframe costs associated with fastener installation, an Automated Drilling & Fastening System (ADFS) has been implemented on the C-17 Program to enhance current Mold Line attachment processes. The ADFS will automate up to 90% of all Cargo Ramp and Door Mold Line fastener installations. Implementation of the C-17 ADFS captures a five goal technological approach identified at project onset: 1) Increase the use of automated drilling and fastening equipment, 2) System shall be Numerically Controlled, 3) High speed drilling techniques shall be used, 4) Minimize the use of current tooling, and 5) Design the system to use components common to other Boeing drilling & fastening machines.