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Technical Paper

Simulation at the Heart of an Automated Aerospace Manufacturing Process

The traditional use of simulation software in aerospace manufacturing applications has been as a pre-production tool for the validation of tool paths and the generation of robot programs. Once the process has been proven via simulation, the data is then transferred to the machine or robot and the production process executed. This is a linear approach in which the virtual and real systems are operated independently and in a serial manner. The current capabilities of offline programming (OLP) and simulation systems when combined with appropriate hardware in a flexible manufacturing environment now allow them to be used right at the heart of a manufacturing process, as an integral part of the manufacturing route. In a flexible manufacturing cell such as that developed at the University of Nottingham for the automated assembly and riveting of large aerostructures, a key driver is the need to reduce or eliminate complex and costly jigs and fixtures for part positioning.
Technical Paper

An Automated Fuselage Panel Assembly and Riveting Cell - Validation and Testing

This paper describes the final development and testing of a combined riveting and assembly cell for the manufacture of Regional Jet Fuselage panels. The cell consists of three industrial robots, two are used for riveting whilst the third is used for stringer placement. The cell has been tested using both simplified test parts and real airframe components. The paper describes the development and testing of the cell along with the enabling technologies that have been implemented to realise the cell.