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Ashok Leyland develops bimetal brake drum to improve heat dissipation, reduce weight

To achieve weight savings in vehicles, OEMs and component suppliers are increasingly using ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, and composites. One strategy is to develop components using a multi-material concept. Ashok Leyland researchers used this approach when developing a bimetal brake drum with cast-iron inner ring and aluminum outer shell.

Oil mist separator

Blue.tron is among the products Hengst Automotive plans to showcase at IAA. Blue.tron is an oil mist separator system and is part of the Hengst modular construction system.

Sportier TLX all about proportion and performance

Replacing the TSX and TL models, the all-new 2015 TLX is positioned at the heart of the Acura sedan lineup, boasting two advanced new powertrains, including a “world’s first” eight-speed DCT with torque converter, and next-generation handling technologies.

Dual-use heater core contributes to better vehicle fuel economy

CSEG has designed, and filed a patent for, a cooling pack and fan that would allow for extreme driving conditions while downsizing the cooling pack, increasing fuel economy, and reducing costs for the OEM as well as the customers who do the driving.

Unmanned aircraft must rise above barriers for commercial applications

For years, the most sophisticated UASs have employed “autonomous” algorithms that allow them to operate for hours without human intervention or control. This autonomy can be perceived as true intelligence but also as dangerous—raising concerns about accidents and moral and legal accountability.