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SAE committee to work with VDA on R-744 A/C standards

Interior Climate Control Committee reactivates development of standards for R-744 mobile air-conditioning (carbon dioxide as a refrigerant), after several German automakers choose to renew work on a system. R-1234yf maintains worldwide lead as low-global-warming refrigerant choice to replace R-134a. German association of the auto industry (VDA) assigns R-744 development work to automakers.

Forming a strong bond between materials

Multi-material vehicles are becoming more prevalent as automakers attempt to reduce vehicle weight and boost fuel efficiency. Selecting the proper adhesive is critical when bonding dissimilar materials.

Oiling the way to greater EV efficiency

Lubricant performance may not appear to be a salient challenge for EV operation even when it comes to the development of world electric speed record achievements and on-track e-racecars; but it is, says Millers Oils' Technical Director, Martyn Mann.

Batteries that don’t burn

Potential lithium-ion battery electrolyte replacement being researched at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is non-flammable.

CARB: 54.5 mpg CAFE not enough to spur EV technologies

The new "oil boom" is causing California's air-quality regulators to develop new policies to stimulate the industry's investments in ZEV technologies, and hopefully accelerate hybrid and EV sales, a member of the Air Resources Board told the 2014 SAE Hybrid & EV Symposium audience.

Johnson Controls unveils new start-stop battery system

An advanced start-stop system using two different battery chemistries is now in the prototype phase, Johnson Controls officials announced during the first media day at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Denso exhibits more compact HVAC design at NAIAS

New approach to HVAC case design incorporates an optimized center section and side sections that can be shaped and sized for specific performance and packaging. Blower fan remains in separate case and a dual-fan design is available for more precise airflow management between outside air and recirculating air.