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P2 Hybrid Drive Modules with Minimal Impact to Powertrain Length

Among the many hybrid architecture configurations, the P2 layout is a cost effective solution that provides maximum CO2 reduction. The P2 layout allows the engine to be disconnected from the driveline, and the electric motor leverages the ratios of the gearbox to drive the wheels. However packaging of the motor and disconnect clutch without increasing the overall length of the powertrain can be difficult. By leveraging a unique method for winding the stator in the drive motor and years of experience designing compact clutch systems, BorgWarner has developed a family of new drive modules and custom engineered hydraulic actuation systems. P2 On-Axis modules for Dual Clutch Transmissions and Automatic Transmissions are in various stages of development. For DCT, the disconnect clutch and dual launch clutches are integrated inside the rotor and stator.

Emissions Measurement and Testing: Part 2

Sub-sessions cover emissions measuring techniques and testing regimes. This includes new analysis techniques and the novel application of existing techniques, the comparison of existing and proposed testing regimes with real world experience, including modeling.