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Technical Paper

Development of Long Life Engine Oil Using Substituent Additive for ZnDTP

Engine oil combined with SPZn instead of ZnDTP shows excellent total base number (TBN) retention in oxidation and NOx gas bubbling tests. The wear resistance of engine oil combined with SPZn was similar to oil combined with ZnDTP in a four-ball test. Prototype engine oils with 1.0 wt% of sulfated ash and 0.04wt%-0.09wt% of SPZn-derived phosphorus were prepared and a JASO valve train wear test was performed on them. The wear resistance of engine oil including SPZn with P = 0.09 wt% was greater than that of engine oil including ZnDTP. This result shows the possibility of reduce the phosphorus in engine oil by using SPZn.
Technical Paper

A Newly Developed Variable Valving Mechanism with Low-Mechanical Friction

Since the intake and exhaust valve timings that provide the best fuel economy, idle stability, or highest power change according to the engine operating zone, a variable valve timing system is very beneficial. Also, roller followers, which reduce mechanical friction loss of a valve train mainly at low engine speed, are commonly used to improve fuel economy in urban driving conditions. This paper presents a newly developed 4-valve variable-valve-timing mechanism with roller followers. Different intake- and exhaust-valve timings and lifts are selected independently, depending upon whether engine speed is low or high. Durability tests of running at maximum engine speed and switching between low- and high-speed cams were conducted and good test results were obtained.