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SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Integrated Vehicle Health Management

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is an end-to-end capability that transforms system data into operational support information to help enable optimized maintenance actions; improved readiness and availability; enhanced vehicle safety and reliability; product life extension; and product improvement and new design paradigms. This online subscription compiles all available SAE standards and technical papers related to IVHM, to give you a complete picture of this evolving discipline.
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Aircraft Instruments and Displays

The Aircraft Instruments and Displays subscription provides guidelines for the improved monitoring of aircraft systems. This information addresses hardware requirements, such as electrical, mechanical, optical, and environmental. Topics covered include: Design Criteria for White Incandescent Lighted Instruments Cockpit Light Assemblies Minimum Performance Standards for Anticollision Light Systems Altitude Altering Devices and Systems Flight Deck Visual, Audible, and Tactile Signals Design Methodology for Integrated Display Symbology