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J2059 All-Wheel Drive Drivetrain Schematic Symbol Standard and Drawings

In this SAE Recommended Practice, attention will be given to passenger cars and light trucks (through Class III). The purpose of this recommended practice is to define standardized symbols that describe the arrangement and function of drivetrain systems and components of all-wheel-drive vehicles. This document presents basic symbols, superimposed symbols and symbols with modifiers. Various vehicle drivetrain schematics are shown with specific component arrangements or general driveline layout to illustrate varying levels of descriptive intent.

Vehicle Dynamics, Stability and Control, 2017

This technical paper collection is focused on vehicle dynamics and controls using modeling and simulation, and experimental analysis of passenger cars, heavy trucks, and wheeled military vehicles. The papers address active and passive safety systems to mitigate rollover, yaw instability and braking issues; driving simulators and hardware-in-the-loop systems; suspension kinematics and compliance, steering dynamics, advanced active suspension technologies; and tire force and moment mechanics.