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Technical Paper

ABS - Highly Flexible Modular System for Commercial Vehicles

This paper provides an overview of the different BOSCH Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS). Basically there are three types of ABS available providing a suitable design for the various types of single-axle and multiple-axle vehicles. A semitrailer for example can be equipped with a single-axle ABS, a truck, trailer or bus mostly with a 2-axle ABS and an articulated bus will be equipped with a 3-axle ABS. In order to comply with all requirements, and particularly to take into account the installation conditions imposed by the vehicle, BOSCH has 2 different types of pressure-modulation valve available, a single-channel and a dual-channel valve. With the different anti-lock systems discussed, BOSCH can equip the wide variety of vehicle types which range from volume-production vehicles to special-purpose vehicles.