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Airbus’ connected cabin concept is materializing with first round of partnerships

Airbus SE is shifting its Connected Experience cabin concept into the first stages of reality with cooperative buy-in from gategroup Holding AG, Stelia Aerospace, and Recaro Aircraft Seating. Up until the partnership announcement, Airbus had been collecting extensive market feedback and refining its Internet of Things (IoT) approach to aircraft interiors, with real-time interconnected galleys, in-flight service carts, seats, and overhead bins.

Mentor design tool simplifies J1939 development

The explosion of electronic functions on commercial vehicles is driving an expansion of vehicle networks, making network design and configuration an important factor in electronic architectures. Mentor has unveiled a model-based design tool that it says can improve network design efficiency by as much as 90%.

Excellence in Engineering Education–Triple “E” Award - Participate - SAE International

This award annually recognizes outstanding contributions made by an individual toward activities related to the SAE Education related programs. The award is given for any of the following types of service: promotion of SAE student activities at the international or local levels, contributions that advance engineering education, contributions in support of the SAE Collegiate Design competitions, and promotion of educational related activities at any level. Candidates may be former members of the EB or related committees, faculty advisors, and other individuals who have made impactful contributions toward SAE Education related activities.

NASA nears testing on fission reactor for missions to Moon, Mars

The Kilopower project is a near-term technology effort to develop preliminary concepts and technologies for an affordable fission power system aimed at future space exploration missions. According to project officials, the experiments should conclude with a 28-hour, full-power steady-state test of the “agnostic” power system in late March.

Big data takes to the skies

Rhonda Walthall’s groundbreaking work has resulted in more than 90 airlines sharing data for nearly 3000 aircraft. And now, she’s spearheading the development of Ascentia, a new tool that’s built on the foundation of ASHM, integrates more data sources, and is cloud based to allow for the use of big data.