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Technical Paper

A Next Generation Drilling Machine-A Search for Greater Quality

Aircraft manufacturers spend millions of dollars reworking blown fastener holes, especially in portable tool drilling situations. Oval, tapered, rifled, and oversize holes are costly rework issues currently commonplace in the industry. The most common causes of imperfectly drilled holes include spindle runout, insufficient clamp and feed force, out-of-balance drill feed forces, spindle windup, and lack of adequate feed control. This paper will focus on a next-generation drilling machine that utilizes a unique combination of hydraulics and pneumatics to solve the problems associated with legacy drilling units. Several design elements will be examined, such as the use of an on-board, 1000 PSI hydraulic pump, controlling both drill feed and clamp force. This greatly reduces the size and weight of the clamp and feed cylinders compared to legacy air systems, while increasing their force and rigidity.