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Technical Paper

Prediction of ASTM Sequence VI and VIA Fuel Economy Based on Laboratory Bench Tests

The estimation of fuel economy benefits gained through improved engine oils using ASTM test procedures is expensive and time consuming. This paper describes a methodology to predict ASTM Sequence VI and VIA fuel economy based on laboratory bench tests. High shear rate viscosities were measured using a tapered bearing simulator and boundary friction coefficients were measured using a Plint reciprocating machine at temperatures used in Sequence VI and VIA tests. Weighted viscosities and weighted friction coefficients were calculated from these measurements using weighting factors identical to those used in the Sequence tests. The measured Sequence VI and VIA fuel economy numbers were correlated with the weighted viscosities and weighted friction coefficients. An excellent correlation was observed between Sequence VIA fuel economy and weighted high shear rate viscosities and friction coefficients whereas a reasonable correlation was observed for Sequence VI fuel economy.