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Technical Paper

B-Pillar Intrusion and Velocity Sensitivity Study for Side Impact Load Case

In the early vehicle design stage math model, subsystems such as dummies, airbags and interior trims are generally not considered for structural evaluation. The objective of this study is to evaluate the B-pillar intrusion and velocity sensitivity in a side impact load case with respect to the dummies, airbags and interior trim. In this study four different vehicles were used to understand the B-pillar intrusion and velocity sensitivity trends. US NCAP lateral impact load case is used in this study. Five side impact load case analyses iterations, with different combinations of subsystems, were completed. Dummy inertia and interior trims play an important role for B-Pillar intrusion and velocity in side impact load case (USLINCAP). If the dummy and interior trim is not well defined in the CAE model, higher B-pillar intrusion and velocity will be predicted. This could vary from 10 to 25 %.