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Technical Paper

The New Chrysler Wind Tunnel

The Chrysler wind tunnel is a closed-circuit, single-return, semiopen jet facility used for performing engine cooling, transmission cooling, engine compartment airflow, underhood component temperature, air-conditioning, and other types of tests. It operates over a 0-120 mph speed range with 400 hp rear-wheel power absorption capacity. Special provisions have been made for idle, city traffic, and tail wind tests. Facility controls provide precise set-point capability, and comprehensive instrumentation and data acquisition systems permit measurement of many parameters and real time data reduction.
Technical Paper

Cooling Testing: Operating Conditions and Temperature Goals

Cooling testing conditions and temperature goals have been established based upon critical high ambient temperature field sites in the southwestern U.S. Mountain grade-climbing, level highway, build-up, city traffic, and idle tests are included. They are used for the evaluation and development of engine and transmission cooling systems and various underhood and underbody components and systems. The procedures are designed for testing in a climatically-controlled wind tunnel, but are also suited, with appropriate adjustments, for road testing. Substantial reductions in product weight and cost have been achieved while maintaining customer satisfaction by the application of these procedures which replaced previous unrealistically severe test conditions.