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Technical Paper

High Performance Damping by a New Generation of Spray-On Coatings

Car manufacturers continue to strive to find creative routes to differentiate their vehicles while continuing to reduce cost. Acoustic comfort derived from high performance sprayable dampener systems is one important option for OEM's to differentiate their models. But there is a significant conflict between high performance, low cost and vehicle weight reduction. This paper describes an innovative vibration dampening material resin. It is a one part, reactive, solvent free, sprayable, epoxy based technology using a unique polymer resin with reduced safety labeling requirements. Good corrosion protection and oil absorption characteristics allow this resin to be applied in either the body or paint shop facilities. Benchmarking against the existing dampener type in the areas of damping performance, process costs, ease of application and environment/health aspects shows that this new generation of epoxy damper is superior to other current damper coatings.
Technical Paper

Fuel Saving with Bonding Materials and the European ELV Legislation Compliance – A Conflict or an Environmental Benefit?

The use bonding materials in modern light weight vehicles may seem to restrict the requirements of the European End of Life Vehicle Directive. The high weight reduction efficiency of the various bonding applications supports the fuel reduction target of the OEMs and does not restrict compliance with the recycling or energy recovery targets. The paper summarizes the various bonding applications and their materials aspects.