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Technical Paper

Truck Tire Force and Moment in Cornering - Braking - Driving on Ice, Snow, and Dry Surfaces

Accurate, real-world determination of tire force and moment properties is essential for computer modeling of vehicle handling. Characterizing these properties on surfaces ranging from dry pavement to snow to ice presents significant challenges. This paper reviews recent progress and results in this area for light truck tires using a test vehicle custom-designed for this purpose. It provides examples for free-rolling cornering, straight-line acceleration / braking and acceleration / braking in turns. The discussion then turns to the question of adapting the technology used to characterizing of tires for Class 8 vehicles.
Technical Paper

Force and Moment Properties of a Small Sample of Tire Specifications: Drive, Steer, and Trailer with Evolution from New to Naturally Worn-Out to Retreaded Considered

The free-rolling cornering, straight-line braking, and pull force properties of a small sample of tire specifications is examined. This is done to examine potential differences between the specifications and the statistics of force and moment measurements. Two steer axle specifications, two drive axle specifications, and a trailer specification are considered, In addition, the evolution of properties for one drive axle specification is followed from new to naturally worn-out to retreaded. The summarized data is available from SAE Cooperative Research on electronic media.