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Technical Paper

Development of High Strength and High Toughness Bainitic Steel for Automotive Lower Arm

A high strength and high toughness new bainitic steel has been developed which shows comparable mechanical properties, fatigue property, and machinability to those of quenched and tempered SAE 5140. The heat treatment of the bainitic steel is aging after hot forging in order to improve ratio of 0.2% proof stress and tensile strength (i.e. yield ratio) and to avoid warpage associated with quenching. The new bainitic steel has been applied to the slender and lightweight lower arms for automotive suspension. As a result, the total production costs in the lower arms have been reduced by nearly 15 percent.
Technical Paper

Development of High Fatigue Strength Spring - Application on Clutch Disc Torsional Damper

We have developed a new torsional damper spring which lowers the torsional rigidity of the clutch disc while retaining its conventional size. The following two items have been adopted in the newly developed spring: 1) A new steel wire which suppresses any core-softening of the element wire through nitriding. 2) A dual-stage shot peening method which uses harder steel shots (rather than conventional shots) in order to obtain an optimal residual stress profile. As a result of evaluating the fatigue characteristics of this spring, it was discovered that its fatigue strength is approximately 35% higher than that of the conventional spring. A clutch disc using this spring was able to absorb rattling noises which conventional clutch discs could not.