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Technical Paper

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain Controller Development Using Hardware in the Loop Simulation

It is a time and cost consuming way to physically develop Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) supervisor controller due to the increasing complexity of powertrain system. This study aims to investigate the HEV supervisor controller development process using dSPACE midsize Hardware in the Loop simulation system (HIL) for HEV powertrain control. The prototyping controller was developed on basis of MircoAutoBox II, and an HIL test bench was built on midsize HIL machine for the purpose of verification. The feasibility and capability of HIL were attested by the prototyping control strategy and fault modes simulation. The proposed approach was demonstrated its effectiveness and applicability to HEV supervisor controller development.
Technical Paper

Application of Electric Vehicle System Design to Grand Prix EV Kart

The renewed interest in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles has been prompted by the drastic rise in oil prices in 2008 and launch of new initiatives by the Federal Government. One of the key issues is to promote the incorporation of electric drivetrain in vehicles at all levels and particularly with emphasis on educational activities to prepare the workforce needed for the near future. Purdue University has been conducting a Grand Prix for over 50 years with Gas-powered Karts. In April 2010, an annual event was initiated to hold an EV Grand Prix where 17 EV Karts participated in the competition. Four of the participating teams comprised of Purdue students in a new graduate course for EV design and fabrication. Using the basic framework of the gas-powered Kart, an electric version was developed as a part of this course. Other participants were also provided with the guidelines and design parameters developed for the course and competition.