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Technical Paper

Post Oxidation Study During Secondary Exhaust Air Injection for Fast Catalyst Light-Off

To comply with ever more stringent emission limits, engineers are studying and optimising gasoline engine start-up and warm-up phases. Secondary air injection (SAI) represents one option to reduce emissions by post-oxidizing products of a rich combustion like HC, CO and H2. With this approach, the faster catalytic converter light-off allowed by the increase in exhaust temperature leads to a significant HC emissions reduction. All the mechanisms involved in post oxidation downstream of the exhaust valve are not well-known. In order to achieve substantial improvements, various SAI strategies were studied with a conventional PFI gasoline engine. Tests have been carried out both on steady-state running conditions and on transient warm-up phases at engine test bench. Various specific experimental devices and methodologies were developed. For example, the use of fast HC and temperature measurements is coupled with exhaust gas flow rate modeled with system simulation.