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SAE Eye on Engineering: Toyota Fuel Cell Big Rig

The hydrogen fuel cell offers a zero-emission alternative to large, heavy battery packs to power electric vehicles. In this episode of SAE Eye on Engineering, Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Brooke looks at Toyota's fuel cell powertrain for over-the-road tractor-trailer rigs. SAE Eye on Engineering also airs Monday mornings on WJR 760 AM Detroit's Paul W. Smith Show.

Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

This report reviews concepts behind fuel cell technology, describes the improvements and vehicles that have been developed since 2001 as the technology has been refined, and examines the issue of what fuel should be used and the necessary refueling infrastructure. Chapters include: The Fuel Cell Vehicles The Race Is On Refueling Infrastructure The Future and more

Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

This comprehensive report closely examines automakers' multibillion-dollar development of fuel cell technology and its potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. With the likelihood that fuel cells will be used in mass-produced vehicles as early as 2003 - nearly a decade earlier than previous estimates - the fuel cell powered vehicle is expected to make up about 7% of the total market share by 2011. This report is the most current and complete source of information on this innovative technology.