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Technical Paper

Newly Developed Hot Rolled High Strength Steel Sheets and Their Formability

A wider usage of hot rolled high strength steels (HRHSSs) are intensively studied for more complicated underbody structural parts of cars now. With an emphasis placed on the improvement of sheared-edge flangeability, we have developed new types of HRHSSs ranging from 440N/mm2 to 690N/mm2 in ultimate tensile strength (UTS). The microstructure and chemistry of these steels were controlled: The hard second phase in the polygonal ferrite matrix was controlled both by adjusting the chemical composition, mainly, silicon-content, and by applying thermomechanical treatment to a hot strip mill. Compared to conventional high strength steels such as a high-carbon, low-silicon steel and a niobium-bearing steel, various formability-performances of the developed steels were found to be good.