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Technical Paper

The Corrosion Resistance of Organic Composite-Coated Steel Sheets

In order to investigate the corrosion resistance of organic composite-coated steel sheets ( OCS ) in a real automotive environment, many kinds of corrosion tests were performed on test pieces and real automotive doors. Tests with a corrosive solution including iron rust were introduced to simulate the real corrosive environment of automotive doors. The relationship between the components of OCS and the corrosion resistance in the rust-including tests was examined. In addition, electrochemical studies were performed. Results indicate OCS has much better corrosion resistance than plated steel sheets with heavier coating weight in all tests. OCS shows excellent corrosion resistance in rust-free corrosive solution, however, some types of OCS do have corrosion concerns in rust-including tests. It became clear that these OCS types have an organic coating with lower cross-linking.
Technical Paper

Residual Stress in the Induction Hardened Surface of Steel, 1969

The residual stresses produced by static and progressive induction hardening processes were investigated using different diameter bars and different heating conditions. The x-ray diffraction method of stress measurement was used. Compressive stresses were observed at and slightly below the surface in the hardened zone, while lower compressive stresses or tensile stresses were seen at the ends of this zone. These stresses depended on the shapes and sizes of the heated zone and the cooling patterns. Shot peening was seen to convert the tensile stress to a compressive value.
Technical Paper

Newly Developed Ni-Zn Alloy Plated Steel Sheet “SZ” and Its Application to Automotive Usages

Recently, it has become more important to improve the corrosion resistance of automotive body panels, and the amount of coated steel sheets has been increasing for this application. Several types of coated steel sheet, such as Zincrometal, hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, galvannealed steel sheets and electrogalvanized steel sheets are widely available. Sumitomo Metal Industries have studied new coated steel sheets for automotive body panels, and have succeeded in the development of the new NiZn alloy plated product “SZ”, the deposit of which includes about 13% nickel. This paper discusses the plating conditions, production process, properties and performance of SZ.
Technical Paper

New Type of Hardenable Hot-Rolled High-Strength Steels

Two types of TS 450 to 600 MPa grade hot rolled high strength steels have been developed whose strength increases by a post-deformation heat treatment. One is a nitrogen added steel, produced by a low temperature coiling method. This steel shows an increase in tensile strength by about 60 to 90 MPa after a conventional baking treatment. The other is a Cu-bearing steel, produced also by a low temperature coiling method. This steel shows much larger increase in tensile strength by about 200 MPa due to the precipitation hardening of copper, but it requires an additional heat treatment at a relatively high temperature such as 600° C.