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Technical Paper

Improvements in Lubricating Oil Quality by an On Line Oil Recycler for a Refuse Truck Using in Service Testing

A method of cleaning lubricating oil on line was investigated using a fine bypass particulate filter followed by an infra red heater. Two bypass filter sizes of 6 and 1 micron were investigated, both filter sizes were effective but the one micron filter had the greatest benefit. This was tested on two nominally identical EURO 1 emissions compliance refuse trucks, fitted with Perkins Phazer 210Ti 6 litre turbocharged intercooled engines and coded as RT320 and RT321. These vehicles had lubricating oil deterioration and emissions characteristics that were significantly different, in spite of their similar age and total mileage. RT321 showed an apparent heavier black smoke than RT320. Comparison was made with the oil quality and fuel and lubricating oil consumption on the same vehicles and engines with and without the on-line bypass oil recycler. Engine oils were sampled and analysed about every 400 miles. Both vehicles started the test with an oil drain and fresh lubricating oil.